How to cancel MOCHE card?

  • 11 Junho 2021
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Hello, can somebody explain me how can i close my MOCHE sim-card?

I do not use it for few month already, it is blocked totally: it has no connection to the wire. When I was opening it, the guy in MEO store(Portimao, AQUA shopping center) told me that if I don’t want to use that sim anymore - I just can stop using it and thats all, I have not to pay for anything and also he said it’s active only until my 25 years. I already have 25 years, I’m not using the sim-card, but I receive emails(faturas) that i have to pay for it. And every time it’s more and more, now it’s 78 euros. I’m wondering why and what for i should pay if the sim-card is unused at all. I cannot go to the store to solve that(i saw in some other topics only this response). Is it possible to close that sim-card/count/idk how it’s called online?

Also, I am not able to open “pedido” at, as the form doesnt work at all(same thing from windows google chrome browser, iphone/ipad safari browser:


Thank you.

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